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Care Provider Marie Vie is always on time. Very compassionate, kind and loving towards Amy. Amy's face tells it all when she sees Marie in the moment. She enjoys showers and her time with Marie. Amy's space if always clean and fresh. Marie Vie has given us all peace of mind because she has taken such great care of Amy in our absence when running errands. We love her.

Lucinda D.

Care Provider Cecilia is always on time. She is kind and very caring. Always making sure Amy's need are met. Amy cannot communicate her desires but Cecilia has learned to understand Amy. This is so remarkable and impressive to all Amy's family. Cecilia makes a daily log of her and Amy's daily routing. Amy's safety is a priority to us and Cecilia care for Amy allows us all to have Peace of Mind. She feels like a part of our Family.


First - My experience with your service has been very professional.
Second - The Care Service you provide for my Wife has helped me tremendously. And when i need your service on other days, you also filled those days.
Thank you


Hazel carried for my mother for 4 days until her passing. She stayed on with our family additional day and went to the furneral home with us. She is a special woman, on point, not a complaint or peep, rather everyone should be so lucky to have her on your team to assist with any Hospice service(s). I do not believe everything would have gone as smooth as it did had it not been for Hazel. When I first saw her, I knew she was serious, committed, and trusting to be around my mother at anytime of the day. She woke at 4am to give much needed attention and medical add to my Mother, and all through out the day. She is human and took some sleep, but when I called her, or as her job dictates, she was never late, and always "on point" to do her job. We like to thank you for sending us Hazel, she is one of a kinda, I state here as a reference to call on her, as she rose to the challenge where others failed to even volunteer. Keep her, give her a raise, she deserves it all. thanks Hazel, Pete, JP and G. You are welcome to come to funeral or call JP for dinner sometime or day out. thanks!!!

Peter R

"Nothing could really prepare you when the time comes that your parents need care but Affordable Caregivers has put our minds at ease."

Simone Woods

"I highly recommend this agency. Excellent caregivers and the easiest agency to work with."

Kara Hughes

"They provided us with loving and hardworking caregivers and they get along with my dad very well."

Shanira Colbs

"Their rates are very affordable. I definitely recommend Affordable Caregivers for their reputation of by providing the highest quality of caregiving services!"

Olivia Will

"Affordable Caregivers has the best services in the home health care industry around OC area."

Joanne Agapinan

“The best place and the only agency I would recommend to get caregivers ."

Charmaine Austin

"This Agency is awesome. The staff are very accomodating and brian's wonderful. Thank you!"​

Ray Greyson

"I never have to worry because the company keeps us updated with everything that is going on with my mom's care. They made the transition such a breeze. Their overall service is highly recommended."